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The Martin House Restoration Corporation’s board of directors was interested in a review of the current facility management program for their six-structure, historic landmark consisting of 42,000 square feet of buildings, designed by Frank Lloyd. The expanse of buildings and systems required a comprehensive program of preventive care, routine and capital maintenance in line with American Association of Museum standards, and that all collections (furnishings, art glass and landscape) remain at museum quality in line with best practices/standards on collections stewardship. HUNT Property Solutions was invited to tour the Darwin Martin House complex and complete an overall facility assessment and benchmark cost analysis. A computerized maintenance management system was designed and installed to handle reactive as well as preventive maintenance at the property. Additionally, a comprehensive facility assessment report and a capital projects Report were completed. A month-to-month financial Pro-forma and operations and maintenance budget was also prepared to track costs and develop benchmark cost analysis.

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Over the next year, all equipment on-site was identified, photographed, and input into an electronic database as a trackable asset. Staff were given access to the maintenance software system to reserve rooms for events using layout maps designed by the site manager to simplify the setup and organization of each event. The program has been a great success and is now used on a daily basis by site management, maintenance staff, and volunteers, and has helped the executive team to focus on long-term facilities planning.

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Tom Bernard Financial Director, Quebecor

It has been my great pleasure to deal with HPS as a provider of facility management and Engineering services. HPS has been instrumental in helping QW identify hundreds of thousands of savings in energy consumption, security costs, maintenance and ongoing facility management.

What our Customers are Saying

Joseph P. Brennan Senior Vice President, S&T Bank

I toured many locations throughout downtown Buffalo, seeking office space for opening a branch office in a new market. The moment I walked into the office in Brisbane, I knew that I found the very best spot to establish our presence. The buildout and move-in process were both made as seamless as possible, and the ongoing service makes for a welcoming environment. During the ongoing pandemic, I worked in my office daily as a member of an essential industry, and the conditions and security remained excellent on all facets.

What our Customers are Saying

Dan Hart Director, Kleinhans Music Hall Society, Inc.

The Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra and Kleinhans Music Hall Management Inc. have been working with the HUNT Property Solutions team for over two years now. For us, engaging them was one of the best decisions we have ever made. The experience they bring to the table for building maintenance and management has made a tremendous difference, not only in the vast improvement in building operations, but also because we can keep focused on our mission and programs - making Buffalo a better place through the power of music.

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